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A Family Owned Business.


Our company was founded by a family partnership in 2008. Mr. Walid Al Kilani and Mr. Rashid Barakat, were the original owners and creators of Springsfield.  They, in cooperation with Walid’s uncle Mr. Mohammed Al Kilani who owns shares in England and in most of the Middle East Investment, have maintained the important tradition of a family based company.


From the early days of springsfield, the board encouraged close family members with global background to get involved with the family business. Their efforts paid off because years later, the company they built is now in the hands of second generation who helped expand the company’s partnership and continue to honor the company’s humble beginnings while keeping a firm eye on future opportunities globally.


Since the inception of springsfield, the group of entrepreneurs who run its investments around the world kept Amman – Jordan as a main hub in the Middle East (Almanabe' Alkhayerah Lil Estithmarat Alakareya), Hong Kong as another hub in the far east, and Latin America as a third hub.


Looking to the future, springsfield is expanding its investments into various sectors including: Real estate interests all over the world, hospitality and tourism, agriculture, import/export, media and renewable energy.


Our board guided our growing team in initiating, structuring, funding and concluding investments in the various business ventures. They also helped drive the capital’s ongoing expansion of operations around the world, starting with markets like the Middle East and Europe including the U.K & Ireland, all the way to Latin America with company branches in Europe, Hong Kong, Latin America and the Middle East. Currently, we are considering the following emerging markets for future opportunities because of their positive microeconomic fundamentals: Jordan, Lebanon, Eastern Europe & the Golf.


Springsfield owners and management stand today as true believers in quality and continue to build for the future of the company.


All this has been possible due to great human resources of a well trusted professional team together with subcontractors & suppliers who have given total support throughout.



We aspire to enhance the lives of both our partners and investors as well as deliver the best living experience and create great investment opportunities to all stakeholders.



Be recognized as leaders in achieving operational excellence in every part of the company, as we deliver the best living experience and create great investment opportunities to all stakeholders, by showing growth throughout: maintaining superior partnerships, innovation, quality of services and commitment.






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